Sorry for the radio silence. I am stuck between a place where I don’t want to alienate people by only writing about my pregnancy and feeling so sick that I don’t have the energy to write…

Things were going just fine up until about a week ago, and then the morning sickness (and that’s a big joke, cause it’s all day) kicked in. I went from eating everything in sight to not being able to eat. And I am soooo hungry, but everything makes me nauseous, well everything except toast and saltines. And I have to plan my day around my naps.

I am a blubbering, hungry, pregnant mess.

A. has been so unbelievably understanding. She is doing so much for me and us. I am so tired that I can’t do simple things around the house anymore, and she’s doing nearly everything. Last night she cooked one of my favorite summer dinners. I took two bites and my stomach turned. How’s that for gratitude? Even worse – today I had to ask her to cancel our reservation at our favorite inn that she had booked for my birthday this weekend. We’d planned to attend her brother’s graduation Friday and then leave Saturday to spend two nights at our inn. But given how horrible I feel, I don’t want to go. And I know all the driving will make me more sick.

And now she’s out buying me motion sickness wrist bands and anything bland she can find at Whole Foods in hopes that I will be able to eat real food tonight! I tell you, the first trimester is hell! That said, we are both very excited to have our first midwife appointment this Friday. I am not sure what to expect. We have a list of questions going. Any suggestions on what we should be asking?


I did manage to have a blast at blog bash (although I was fading towards the end, sorry). It was fun to meet new people. And to get hang out with everyone. I think we should do it more often! I am always game for meeting bloggers so if you’re passing through these parts drop me an email or comment.

That’s really all I have. I promise that some day soon I will compose an intelligent post that has nothing to do with pregnancy.