A. and skipped out of work early on Friday to get a jump start on our long weekend. We ended up leaving later than we anticipated – think crucial bike rack part, sadly falls into a sewer drain, and after several attempts to make the rack still work, the 100 degree weather pushed us over the edge and the bikes stayed home…We made it to the Cape with only one extra hour of travel (not bad for a holiday weekend). Once there we relaxed all weekend. My fatigue has only worsened, and I spent a lot of time napping. When I was not sleeping, I was eating

On Saturday we took our nephew to the beach. It was a gorgeous day. We didn’t stay long because we hadn’t planned a beach weekend (no beach gear), and because with out beach gear, this prego couldn’t stay in the hot sun (all of a sudden I’ve realized my summer may not consist of long relaxing days at the beach, I’m trying to deal with that). Nephew was adorable and had a lot of fun throwing rocks in the water and playing.

Sunday a friend came down to visit and we took another ride to the beach, then out to dinner. Monday we were up early and took our friend to Provincetown, his first time there! It was fun to walk the streets and feel the energy of summer’s opening weekend.

A. and I took today off so as to avoid the horrendous Cape traffic. It was the perfect amount of time to be there. Sadly, I started to feel sick on the way home, and continue to have this annoying queasiness in my tummy. I go back and fourth with how I feel about these pregnancy symptoms. On one hand, I am just happy and grateful to be pregnant and hope I don’t sound like a whiny bit@h and at the same time the sick, tired, and hungry feelings reassure me that I am still pregnant and things are going as they should be. If I felt fine, I’d worry about the development. But on the other hand, do I have to feel so effing horrible? I have no energy and feel sick. A. is wonderful and is supporting me so well. I really hope the second trimester is as good as they say it is, cause the first just sucks.

Back to work tomorrow. Only seven more days of work until I’m on summer break. I am sooooo excited!