I am five weeks today. Holy cow. In the week that’s passed since learning I am pregnant I’ve experienced a lot of changes. The biggest being my sore and swollen breast (had to buy a new bra tonight), exhaustion (but it’s becoming more manageable), and a huge increase in appetite. I had three dinners tonight! First I had left over curry as a pre-dinner snack. Then A. and I went out shopping before going to our friend’s for a BBQ, and I had to get a slice of pizza. When we got to the BBQ I ate two burgers, pasta salad, and cake. While I am satisfied, I am still not full. Where is all this food going? I’ve never experienced anything like it.

The whole pregnancy thing is slowly settling in. Today I was remembering how amazing last Tuesday morning was when we found out I am pregnant. How overjoyed we were. And on some level how terrified we were. It was the most exciting day. I am trying to relax and enjoy the pregnancy. I am nervous and anxious to make it out of the first trimester. I am thinking positive but there is a part of me that’s a bit anxious. I also know this may be my one and only pregnancy, and I want to enjoy it as much as I can. So when I want to fast forward time and just get to January, I try to remind myself to relax and enjoy this time.