I’ve been wanting to write about how this cycle was different and how we went into it knowing it would work. But, I seem to have pregnancy induced amnesia so I kept forgetting what it was I wanted to write about. Lucky A’s brain still works.

This was our first try post HSG, which has statistically been known to increase one’s chances of conceiving. It was also our first try with our new donor, and I’ve heard that switching up the sperm can also do the trick. It was also my second Clomid cycle, and I’ve been told it can take a few cycles before the magic kicks in. In short, we thought all of these things could only work to help us. We also decided we needed to channel every positive morsel in our bodies to will this to happen.

From cd1, I imagined myself pregnant. Literally. I pretended I was pregnant. I treated my body as I imagined I would if I were pregnant and went with it. I even started to think I was pregnant. We talked a lot about how this would be our month. We enjoyed the days before the serious charting started and I vowed to stop temping at 3dpo to help minimize the stress. I reluctantly took Clomid, and made it through with out any side effects. My ultrasounds were all great – starting out with three potential eggs and ending in one big one (phew, pretty sure this is a singleton pregnancy). For the second time ever I got a +opk in advance of a peak on the monitor, which helped our timing immensely.

Our IUIs were perfectly timed and my MW was on call for them (love it when I get her). I was convinced I would ovulate sometime around midnight, so she agreed to meet us in the evening, ensuring the sperm would live long enough to meet my egg. After the IUI she spent a good 45 minutes with us as I laid on the table, feet in the air – this is much longer than most of the MW’s ever waited. When we got home, A. insisted I sit with my feet up as she folded laundry. After all I was in the process of getting pregnant.

I did in fact ovulate that night, during a full moon. The full moon was a huge sign for me. Some folklore suggests sleeping with the light of a full moon shining on you helps induce ovulation. You better believe we slept by the moonlight. My thermal shift confirmed ovulation in the morning, but we still opted for a second IUI, I wanted to make sure we got the most out of this post HSG cycle (having missed the first cycle after the HSG). Our MW was once again happy to meet us at 8am to do the second IUI.

We spent the next eight or so days talking about how I was getting pregnant. This was the first time I’d made it past 4dpo with out losing hope. The implant spotting that I may have had and cramping furthered our excitement. Of course by 11dpo, I felt what I thought was my period coming on and fell into my crying spell, later known as my first pregnancy induced crying fit. Mother’s day crushed my soul this year. I expected to start spotting the next day, as I had nearly every 12dpo. When it didn’t happen I decided to take a test the next morning. And you all know the rest of this story.

Since learning that I am pregnant, I have felt a range of emotions. Mostly I still can’t believe it’s happened. It’s really bizarre to not get my period, I’ve lived with my period for the last 18 years. So to all of a sudden have a break is just weird. I am uber conscious of what I am eating. So far I only desire healthy food. Wine used to be my best friend, and I don’t miss it (I am sure the day will come).

I’ve come to realize, that I am already a mom, every choice I make right now impacts the baby, and I already want to do everything in my power to grow and nurture a healthy baby. I’ve felt some cramping and that serves to remind me there is something living and growing inside me. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that freaks me out a little. My breasts are rapidly growing and hurt. A lot. I see many new and bigger bras in my future. And I’ve been exhausted. I mean, I can hardly make it through the work day. Thankfully I’ll be on summer break in three weeks and won’t go back to work till I am well into the second trimester, which is supposed to be better for energy levels. Other than that I fell fine. My mother reports she didn’t have any morning sickness…let’s hope I am so lucky.

We’re both thrilled and can’t stop talking about it. We took some time to think about our pet name for our embryo, and given the full moon on ovulation we’re going with Moon Beam or Moon for short. It’s taken extraordinary efforts to get here with lots of help from the universe so this seems fitting. Oh, and the final leap of faith I took- while looking for a birthday card for my father I picked up a card with a sky scene and the following message: Some star you may not even see yet is sparkling in the corner of the sky. Knowing this was going to be the cycle, I bought it and tucked it away. I just pulled it out last night and to show A. for the first time.

So there you have it, the journey to our little Moonbeam.