Time for us to feel on edge as my follicles spend the next five or so days plumping. A. and I are doing an amazing job at be excited and happy and sending every morsel of positive energy into this next try.

But we can only control ourselves (or try to). All the other people that are “helping” us, well we have no control over the anxiety they induce. Case in point, a phone conversation I had today, ring, ring:

“Hello, Ernie?”

“No. E—.”

“This is the lab calling, do we have a rec for the specimen that was just delivered?”

“I’m sorry, a what?”

“A rec. You know, a reacquisition from your midwife.”

“No. I don’t know. Did you ask me to have that faxed to you?”

“Well…we thought we had one on file, but it’s from last year so, we need another one. And we need it before we can unpack your vials.”

WTF?! Was there really any reason she had to make me feel like it was my fault that they did not tell me they needed this, or better yet when we called to register the delivery, that they didn’t take the time to check and see if we needed to update our paper work. And did she have to add the part about not unpacking the vials till the paper work arrived? Needless to say, this sent me into a tizzy. I was lucky to get the nice office manager at the MWs, she knew what I needed and had the fax number. She is my saving grace every time. I think she spends half her time faxing paper work to hospitals and labs- just for me!

Edited to add: ovulation pains began today…right on schedule!