E: Hun, if we ever get pregnant I want to call the fetus Beetlejuice.

A: What!? NOOOOOO! You can never refer to our unborn child by that name. It was a disgusting person in a movie.

E: Yeah, but I want to link it to the babyjuice term that I often use.

A: No.

E: Ok, how about Bugjuice?

A: No. That’s like bug throw up or splattered bug guts.

E: Nah, actually I was thinking more like the green Hi-C I used to drink as a kid. We called it bugjuice.

A: No. Plus I don’t want semen to be the thing that qualifies our living growing fetus.

E: So what do you suggest?

A: This is the problem. We don’t have a fetus. We don’t even know if we have an egg. So let’s just hold off.


A clues in that I am posting and exclaims “Oh God” and makes a reference to Trista‘s recent post, which she connected with about being pregnant with a boy, and the psychological mind fucks we play on ourselves…

E: So you really don’t want to play this game with me?

A: What game?

E: The name game.

A: The name of a FETUS THAT WE HAVE NOT YET CONCEIVED, is that what you are asking me? Oh God.


I guess I have to wait until I get pregnant before we can continue this conversation…