My wife’s birthday is tomorrow. She’ll be in school from 8:30am-6pm, which is a major bummer. I would have liked to take her far away (or at least away) for her birthday, but the school thing gets in the way. Instead I’ve booked a room at a really swanky hotel near by. I wasn’t going to tell her but I had a hard time getting a reservation and started to panic thinking we may need to actually travel somewhere to get away. Sure enough on the day I told her, I managed to get a room. That surprise went out the window. I’ve got all day tomorrow to pull together the rest of the birthday celebration – I can’t say too much here or else A. will start to ask too many questions.

We’re also delighted with this 70 degree weather! What a change from last weekend’s Nor’Easter!

p.s. Clomid starts tomorrow…I am going to ignore the side effects and enjoy my weekend with my wife…