CD 1 arrived sooner than I thought so I am back in the stirrup queen game. I am excited to get started again and my early CD1 will push ovulation up just enough so I won’t be on-call for my IUI (it’s always a pain to get a co-worker to cover me when I go in, almost always on weekends).

This cycle’s medical protocol has yet to be determined but I am not starting injectables as I had thought about. After speaking with my MW today I realized my choice to start injectables means leaving her and moving to an RE. No way am I ready for that. She said they just don’t have the facility to do the intense monitoring, but in some cases women working with REs will still go to the MWs for IUIs (if I get there that will be me!).

I asked her about Femara and she said she wanted to consult with the gyno that did my HSG. (p.s. She said the gyno told her I had a small uterus after the HSG, what’s this mean? I am going to ask her when she calls back.) She sounded optimistic about Femara and I think she’s willing to prescribe. After doing more of my own research, I am even more interested in Femara over Clomid. Aside from the reduced short term side effects, there are no known risks of cancer which is a huge concern with Clomid. It seems like a win win situation.

Let the fun begin- pill popping, visits with Wander Woman (CDs 11,13,15 ultrasounds), and your guess is as good as mine which MW will be on-call for the IUI. Please join me in hoping this is the cycle!