Two weeks off and a blissful day spent with my wife was amazing. My life is not.

I woke sick yesterday but ignored it so I could enjoy time with A. We relaxed all day. By night I was feeling worse and worried that I’d be too sick to go to work. I felt awful this morning, but went in anyway, even though I hate it when people go to work sick, and my office-mates hate it too. I felt I had to go in. My boss called even before I arrived. We spent close to an hour on the phone when I returned her call and then I plowed through emails. By noon I felt worse and knew I needed to see my doctor and also go home. I am back in my bed about to take a nap before going to my 3:15 doctors appointment. What a way to return to work.

I feel overwhelmed with everything that I need to get back into. Two weeks away from work, and I am way out of the loop. I feel like I am starting a new job and have no idea what’s going on. I also am super behind in blogs. But for now, I am putting my laptop down to take in some zzzzs. Rest is usually the only thing that makes me feel better when sick.