It is so good to be home. Ten days away from my wife is way too long.

A. waited up for me last night, I didn’t get in till 12:45am. It felt surreal to be in our home, with our cats, and with my darling wife. We snuggled and laughed, and, well let’s just say we did not go to bed till after 2.

She took today off to be with me. This morning she woke me with a cup of coffee and then served breakfast in bed. It was the most amazing combination of poached eggs with salsa and avocado, a side of fresh mango, and my favorite, pineapple mimosas. After much time spent in each other’s arms we indulged with a new bath product I bought A. and dreamt of building a post and beam house with a huge tub.

My wife has waited on me hand and foot since I arrived home. I am not sure how I got so lucky as to get her all to myself, and I am quite sure she is the best wife, I am grateful that she’s mine, that I’m hers. As I write this I have not stepped foot downstairs all day, she has taken care of my every request. I do seem to be fighting an ear/sinus infection, but am ignoring it so I can enjoy this time with A.

How will I go back to work tomorrow?