Your help is needed!

As you know A. is in grad school studying elementary education. She also works full time and volunteers one afternoon a week at an after school program. Her grad program is designed for working adults, which means the classes are Thursday nights and Saturdays. This means she can’t ever do anything! No weekend trips, no tagging along with me to conferences…zip nada, zilch, zero travel for a whole year.

Her classes end in December and since she started, I’ve been telling her we’ll take a trip when she’s done. She needs something to look forward to when she feels discouraged or left out through out this year. Plus our last real vacation, by this I mean, true vacation, not a couple days tagged onto a work-related trip, was a two week trip to Alaska in summer 2005. We saved up for a year and paid for it in cash (a first for us). We started buying sperm shortly after we got home and have not stopped…have not gone on another vacation. Do ya think there’s a correlation? (Just to be clear, the trip I am taking to Florida next week is a work trip that I extended, and A. can not join me…school, but I do realize it is a mini vaca for me.)

In visualizing our trip we’ve tried to keep our finances very much at the forefront of the planning, our baby making and house down payment saving plans pretty much leave nothing left over for a vacation fund. But we are determined to make this work. Our ideal would be a Caribbean beach vacation, and we also though a week at our favorite retreat spot would be wonderful, and less expensive (but the opposite of a beach vaca). After looking at our favorite Aruba destination (where we exchanges rings, the first time) I started wondering if I could find any of what we’re looking for domestically (read: cheaper)? So I started looking here, which made me dream here, only to realize we’d be going at the wrong time of year. Then last night we tossed in the idea of Belize. And I think I am in love! Per usual, our taste is quite expensive, so this is where you come in. I am appealing to my internet friends for suggestions of where you would go if you were taking a beach vacation sometime between late December and mid February? Please share beach destinations you’ve enjoyed…have dreamt about…places you’ve heard about…any place warm and worth a visit, won’t you please?