A true quote I uttered in frustration while waiting for my iui today…read on…

The +opk was followed by a peak on the monitor this morning. It was a hassle to get in for an iui this morning. I continue to think some of the folks that work at my MW’s office have no idea about how precise the timing must be. After being told “no one could do it today.” I broke down while on hold. Luckily, she came back to tell me I could come in at 10:30–by then the MW on-call anticipated being out of delivery. We arrived to find she was not and space cadet MW was doing the iui. After sitting in the waiting room for an hour and 15 minutes we were ushered behind the scenes. At the last minute another MW stepped in to do the iui, and I was so thankful. She was quick, but not as quick or painless as my MW and some of the others, but I was happy not to have space cadet. My darling wife thought ahead to bring me lunch, a granola bar, that I ate while laying there with my feet up. How did it become Noon when I went in for a 10:30 iui?

I’ve realized that AI must be my MW’s specialty and the others MWs just are not as experienced / knowledgeable. If it weren’t for my MW, I would probably look into other practices- their reception is terrible and some of the MW’s seem to have very little AI training. That is the trade off I make for not wanting an RE, and I wouldn’t conceive of leaving my MW. I love her so much!

I think I’ve ovulated and if not it’s just around the corner. I still have some pain near my left ovary, but I think it has more to do with internal stretching from the 3.5cm follie. God I hope this one works. I have hope, but it’s kind of a hopeless hope, if that makes any sense. As I was lying on the table, I was not overjoyed and excited, as I have been in the past (well as excited as one can get in stirrups). I felt the doom of the impending HSG, more Clomid cycles, purchasing more sperm, and continuing on this ttc journey.