You may have noticed a lack of posts about an iui over the weekend. It didn’t happen. My opks and monitor did not detect a surge. But I could still feel intense ovulation pain on my left side and my bbt remains low.

I called my MW’s office at 8:30 this morning to check in and see what to do. As I hoped, they sent me for an ultrasound. Now, I have become quite chummy with my u/s tech, “Wander Woman.” WW is so nice and always squeezes me in even when she’s booked. Right off she was very happy with my thick endometrium. While it was okay on Friday, she said it was much thicker today, “nice and fluffy and ready to receive” were her exact words. Then she starts wanding me. No fluid. Phew. She quickly scanned Lefty on her way over to Righty and could tell it was bigger. I then told her how I lovingly refer to them as Righty and Lefty, and she started doing it too! Have I mentioned that I love this woman?

Righty measured in at 2.6cm and Lefty at 3.5cm. Holy Clomid the wonder drug! It feels like I’ve pulled a muscle near my left ovary. As I dressed and was getting ready to leave WW wished me good luck and asked me to let her know any good news. She is so kind and has really become a part of my ttc journey…yet another woman involved in getting me knocked up, seriously how many will it take? When I got to my car I called my MW’s office. I spoke with two MWs and made a plan for an iui tomorrow.

I just got home from work and my opk turned positive in less than a minute! I have so much hope for this cycle. Two plump eggs and hopefully a perfectly timed iui in the works.

Clomid kicked my ass, but I have to say it was worth it to get these great eggs. I am ready to chill out in the tww and am thankfully super busy at work so hopefully the time will fly by.

Edited to add: I’m going in for an iui at 10:30 this morning!