Only recently did I start reading Craig’s list. It has changed. my. world!

I was perusing the site this morning, not looking for anything in particular, but I always check the “free” section. A 1920’s, upright piano was listed, in very good condition, for FREE!

I immediately emailed and within hours was talking with the owner to set up a time to see it. A. and I took a drive tonight to see it and it is just what I want! I love that it’s upright, dark wood, from the 20’s and free! The family that is getting rid of it recently purchased a new piano and really just want it to go to a good home.

Now I need to figure out how to get the piano to our home. I think I have a plan but need to coordinate some people to help move it.

Why do I want a piano? Well all my childhood I wanted to play piano. I thought it was the most beautiful instrument. But my parents could not afford one (where was Craig’s list back then?). Instead I played the viola, a much more affordable instrument. Eventually I stopped playing, but missed having music in my life. Around ninth grade I again expressed an interest in piano. My dad, a very gruff man, came home the next night and presented me with a receipt for a piano he’d bought for me! I was in shock and it was soooo hard to wait for it to be delivered. I played all through high school, but then had no opportunity to continue playing once in college.

I never really thought I’d ‘own’ my own piano, since they are soooo expensive, until this one literally feel in my lap today. I hope to have it home in the next week and then the task of relearning everything I once new will begin. I can’t wait to have music in my life again!