A. left early this morning to take the first of three MTEL tests for teacher certification then had to go straight to class until 6:30. 😦

When I woke at 6am to take my bbt, my cat, the one that sleeps on me, started purring. I think it’s messed up that she knows the sound of the thermometer being turned on and knows it means I am awake, which excites her to no end!

I left early this morning to drive down to Springfield to pick up our baby juice. One vial. That’s it. Lefty is taking her time before making her grand entrance. I had a high reading on the monitor today and I still feel crampy pain near my left ovary. At this point we’re looking at Sunday evening or Monday, but will know more after tonight’s opk.

Western MA and Beyond Partay! I am so glad some of you are interested and it’s not too late to join in. Would a dinner after Noho Pride work? It conflicts with my on-call schedule, but if it’s good for other folks and would draw those from far away, I may be able to switch or just have someone cover me for the time we are getting together.

My drive this morning was really pretty and it inspired me to take a walk when I got home. I brought my camera along. I got some really great photos. You can seem them by clicking on my Flickr icon at the bottom of this page. The fog made for a nice background. And I saw the first maple sugar tap of the season. This always makes me think spring is just around the corner!