I had my cd10 ultra sound today. On the right I have a 1.7cm and a 1.6cm on the left! The sizes are way ahead of schedule for me, so the Clomid must be doing something (and I’ve never had two sizable follies at once)! I’m going back on Friday to see where the’re at and then probably will have an insem some time this weekend.
In the mean time, I am sooo happy that the Clomid is done for now. Hopefully the hot flashes will stop soon. I had one during a meeting this morning and a coworker said I looked like I was having my own personal summer. In fact I was.

All my blood work came back excellent. I was relieved to learn that I’ll have a female doctor for my HSG. A few days after I was notified that it had been scheduled, it occurred to me that there was a chance a male doctor would do it. I had a mini freak out – I have never had a male doctor get near me with a speculum, and well, an HSG is not the time to start!

Things are looking up. Let’s hope we catch that egg (or eggs….).