I arrived at the hospital for my CD4 blood-work today, only to find out I was at the wrong hospital. Luckily my MW’s office was able to fax the paper work there right away. Next I move to the registration process. Name, address, marital status, date and location of birth, and then it came…does your husband have the same last name as you?

I have a wife, thank you very much, and she has a different last name.

But it does not stop there, she goes on to tell me she is not sure why they (that would be me) don’t change their names. I mean couldn’t they just write it on the paper (we call those marriage licenses) or hyphenate their names. It was like she thought we were not allowed to change our names – it never occurred to her that we (A and I) didn’t want to change our names, what a novel idea. Then she apologized for assuming I had a husband. Which was nice, I’ll give her that.

The blood-work part was fine. I had four vials drawn. Clomid starts tomorrow. I’ve been reading on FF about women who rapidly gained weight after starting Clomid. Has this been your experience?