He’s also my Dad.

I am usually super on top of all things financial. I pay the bills in our house and for the better part of the last six years, they were always paid early, and always always on time. In this vain, I always had my taxes done as soon as I got my W2s. This year I put it off, and then realized the March 1st deadline for A. to file her FAFSA for priority financial aid was fast approaching and had to spend a day off gathering our tax info to mail off to my Dad. Before you jump down my throat for having my Dad do our taxes, please know: 1. I did my taxes the whole time I lived out of state and am capable of doing them. 2. He is a Financial Adviser and always knows how to get more of my money back than I do. 3. Having to file married in MA and single Federally, is too much for me to deal with, so yeah, I let him do it.

Somewhere between tcc and now, I don’t seem to have the head space to stay on top of our fiances. I’ve paid our credit card late twice since last fall (although I usually remember the day it’s due and pay on-line, but it’s always past the 1pm deadline) they have yet to charge me a late fee. Today I got a 30 days past due notice on sperm storage (we pay $29 per month). 3 0 D A Y S past DUE! Moi?! No, so I called. The billing company aparently never got it. Now it’s up to me to figure out if I did pay it, or just imagine paying it? And that seems like a lot of work for $29 when I need my brain for so many other things right now…

But back to why the tax man is my friend…my Dad called this morning (I mailed the tax packet one week ago today) and he had completed our taxes. Internets, we now have the money to buy more SPERM, should this cycle treat me like all those before it. And if this cycle works and we don’t need to buy sperm, we just got our Babymoon money!

I love this time of year!