I have a plan to start the IF testing despite my bad interaction with the receptionist this morning.

After speaking with my MW, I have Clomid, I set up an appointment for my CD10 ultrasound, blood-work will be drawn on Thursday of this week, and…the HSG…can’t do it this cycle, so it will be next (if I need it, hopefully I’ll be preggers). Get this, it’ll be during the week I am scheduled to take vacation! I sure know how to have fun! I’ve been trying to plan something fun for that week, this is not what I was thinking of. C’est La Vie.

I feel a hundred times better than I did this morning. My MW really rocks. I asked her about the trigger. She usually employs a ‘least intervention as possible method,’ so I was not surprised that she didn’t recommend it. She feels it’s only necessary for planning an IUI, and does not see that benefit out weighing the cost of the extra hormones in my system. I usually like to follow her advice and do appreciate low intervention, so I many try with out it for now. I can always change my mind later if I want it. Somehow she also made me feel better about the HSG. I hadn’t even told her I was on the fence about it, but she clearly wants me to do it and informed me of what to expect. As always, her clarity and calmness, eased my concern. Hell, if I’m planning on a vaginal birth (which I am) then I can’t back away from an HSG, right?

Those that take/have taken Clomid, please talk to me about what time of day/night you found was good to take it, with respect to side effects.