the new receptionist is awful!

Several cycles ago I called in after getting my peak. The new receptionist pretty much blew me off when I asked to speak to my midwife. “Someone will call you back.” This pissed me off and I realized she did not get that I need to talk to someone, any medical professional NOW. I restated my need to speak to someone right then. She got the midwife on call on the phone.

I called my MW yesterday, but they were closed for the holiday. I called again this morning. The plan was wait out the two weeks, then call and get the meds and set up an appointment to talk more and start IF testing. The mean receptionist gruffly informed me my MW is on call and at the hospital. Urgh. Then she’s going on vacation till the 27th. She was ready to leave it at that. I again had to plead my case. As soon as I started in with all the details she stopped me and said she take a message and let my MW know when she calls in.

I mean this is a medical office. Usually there is a certain level of urgency. It’s like this woman does not know there is a science to getting pregnant! If I don’t get the Clomid soon I am going to scream! Why didn’t I get the Rx ahead of time…If i don’t get it in time, we’ll have to wait till April as I will be traveling for work during my March ovulation period.

Will it every get any easier? Adoption looks better and better every day…