I took tomorrow off (just like I took last Friday off)! The only way I can keep sane these days is through using vacation time, too bad it’s so freaking hard to take time away from my office…

I am leaving tomorrow morning to visit a very dear friend of mine in NY (not the city). He’s invited me to a cross dress valentine party. The event is on Saturday night and is the offshoot of what was formerly a private party that grew too big to be hosted in a house, so it’s been turned into a fund raiser and will be held at a performing arts theater. I am going in full Western wear, and will surely have pictures to post next week. I borrowed some cowboy shirts and a huge belt buckle from a co-worker, after ransacking his closet. I am also borrowing his cowboy hat. I’ve got my own boots (which were the inspiration). The friend I am visiting promises he’s found me the perfect facial hair. It’s sure to be a blast!

If you have not already, you should stop by my wife’s blog.

And you should also go congratulate Lois and Holly, welcome Andrew!