Lost: My Sanity.

I had a nice chat with my wonderful midwife this morning. She is sending me for another ultrasound tomorrow morning. The opks are showing a little line, but are far from positive. Though, I’ve never had a truly positive one.

I told her all about my new found infertility family history and she instructed me to call my insurance company in an effort to begin to understand what they will (not) cover. She instructed me to give as little information as possible and not to reveal that I don’t have a sperm source at home. A.’s response “great I love posing as heterosexual.” It does suck, but at least she is trying to help us get the most we can out of them. I need to make the call…but really don’t want to.

If the ultrasound gives us conclusive information we’ll probably go forward with the insemination tomorrow or Friday. The ultrasound is at the worst time tomorrow as far as work goes. I have to miss a meeting that I should really be at. My boss was understanding. I am glad that I’ve been able to tell her what I have, and she is supportive. I could tell she wanted me at the meeting, but understood that I just can’t be there.

I’ve managed to take Friday off this week, after much hassle. In the end my office mates told me a I need a day away, and they couldn’t be more correct. I can’t wait till Friday!