Is it messed up that I hope to get an infertility diagnosis?

I spoke with my insurance company today. I need to get a referral from my PCP (who I’ve never met) to get a referral to my midwife (who I’ve been seeing for a little more than a year) so that she can go forward with the necessary fertility testing. If I get the referral, then all the tests will be covered and with an infertility diagnosis preliminary fertility treatments will also be covered. I would get unlimited Clomid / IUI cycles. If I need to move on to injectables or other more invasive fertility treatments, my case would need to be reviewed by my insurance company.

There was no talk of needing to try for a year. Which is what has held me back from moving forward since, we’ve only “tried” in the office twice.

This whole infertility thing is so weird and it feels messed up that I am trying for a diagnosis in order to be able to get the fertility drugs I want. I think my midwife will do what she can to help ensure all of this. I never thought I’d need this and I NEVER thought I’d be hoping for an infertility diagnosis.

I was also not so excited to learn that if I had a sperm source through a partner, that was not fertile my insurance would cover donor sperm (and eggs) but I doubt they’d cover it for us lesbians. I am determined to get what I can out of them, even if it means posing as hetero.