It happened to me.

You know what I mean, someone from you past effortlessly types your name into the Google search bar, and in nano seconds, they pull up all kinds of information about you, including how to be in touch with you.

Last week I was checking my email and in the subject line of an email, whose sender I did not recognize, was “Hi E. It’s Name, Maiden name.” Now this was a friend from high school, well we meet in first grade really. And we’d lost touch. We did reconnect about six years ago, but then lost touch again.

The Googling phenomenon is an interesting one. On one hand, it is pretty cool that it can potentially link folks who’ve fallen out of contact and WANT to get back in touch, but there are a number of people that I have no interest in reconnecting with. Mostly ex’s and at least one former friend. The problem is anyone can Google anyone…at any time…

My full name brings up a lot about me. A lurker could find out where I went to grad school and what I studied, where and when A. and I got married, and my current job position and contact info.

I kind of wish I could get all that stuff off the web, I feel really exposed, and don’t like not being in control of my contact information.