Really it started yesterday. I returned from lunch to realize I had lost my cell phone. It was no. where. to be found.

In order to fully understand how bad this is, you should know that I only use a cell phone, I don’t even know my land line number, and the only place I stored ALL my contacts was in my cell phone. Oh and the only phone number on my resume is my cell phone.

But back to my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I was scheduled to attend a diversity conference today. I was excited, but it was the type of event that required my full emotional capacity. Still shaken up from losing my cell phone, I nearly had a melt down when the back door on my three-week-old car would not shut this morning. I had opened it to put my bag in the back seat, and then it would not shut. If this were our seven-year-old car, I would have understood, but three week-old car and the door won’t latch? A school bus driver saw me struggling and advised a little WD-40 would solve the problem. I ran in side only to realize we are out of WD-40. Luckily there was a contractor that I was able to borrow a can from. Well not so luckily, because that trick did not work. But I realized that only after I opened yet another door that then would not shut! I had to leave our new car sitting there UNLOCKED and drive the old car to my conference, which I was now late for.

Oh. And I had also just gotten my period. Not so devastating since we hadn’t inseminated, but really bad for my emotional state this morning.

I arrived just a little late and was jolted into wonderfully engaging conversations, but I was still so frustrated from the events of the last 24 hours. And then really bad cramps set it. I felt physically sick and seemed to have no coping skills. After lunch I called A. (from my work cell phone, because of course MY cell phone is still lost). I dialed her work number, except it was not her number. And I tried another number, still not her. See by this point in the day I was so close to a break down that I could not remember my wife’s work phone number! The same number I have called nearly everyday for the last two years! I thought, if only I had MY cell phone I could call her, the number is programmed in. Then I remember she had a cell phone and I COULD remember that number. I called her on that line. She informed me she had been in touch with the car dealership and they are going to see the car tomorrow, and that she had gone back out to the car at lunch and the doors shut! It seems they just don’t like to shut in cold weather. How convenient!? I informed her I was on the verge of an emotional and physical break down. I was so shaken up, for no good reason, other than a string of bad luck. And yet I found myself nearly breaking down in the middle of a lobby between sessions at the conference.

As I sat through my final workshop, which I was very excited to be in, I was crippled by menstrual cramps. If I had been in the office today, I would have gone home sick. I searched my bag for painkillers, but all I could find was my prescription medication for tension headaches. I took one. Nothing. So I took another. I barely felt a difference. I was so happy when the workshop was done and I skipped out on the closing activity to come home, get in comfy clothing and take some ibuprofen. Once I felt semi human, I forced myself to pay a visit to the Verizon store to replace my lost cell phone. As annoying as this was, I was just so relieved that I was able to keep the same number. If for no other reason that is the number on my resume, which I’ve sent to four colleges so far.

These things really do not seem so bad, I know. But I think I really was paralyzed by PMS today. I rarely have PMS inducing mood swings. Today was an exception. And it sucked.

A. has been very kind to me tonight and I am feeling much better as a result of lots of talking and several glasses of wine.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I hope it is much better.