I have a job interview!

For a job I REALLY want.

At a college I am surprisingly interested in working at!

I started to apply for jobs about a month ago. I’ve submitted four applications to date and am *working* on a fifth, maybe sixth… While I really want a new job, and hope I get one, the thought of leaving my current one mid-academic year terrifies me. And at the same time I know I need to put my needs before my employers, the institution has more than proven they’d never consider my needs above theirs. This of course means I’d leave many students that I really care about, and some I’d be happy to be done with. (All of us in education have a few of those.) It’s just a phone interview, but it’s the first ray of hope and it’s also proof that I can break into a new area of higher education, one I’ve wanted to get into for sooooo long.

A new job also brings up a lot of issues around ttbp (trying to become parents). I am a bit nervous about making a job switch while pursuing adoption and pregnancy. Mostly due to the fact that in order to quality for FMLA, one needs to be employed for a minimum of one year. My plan is to keep researching and trying, and if I get a new job before we make major progress on the adoption / getting pregnant projects, then we’ll put the brakes on for a few months, to bank the time towards one year.

Right now I am just excited that I have something to look forward to.