A. is away for the weekend. She’s presenting at a confrence in Chicago and meeting up with a former co-worker/friend while there. I am home with the kitties and back on-call. It’s been so long I forget what it feels like. And the worst thing about it- I had to turn the ringer ON! We usually keep it off. Calls that come through our land line are usually about work, so I choose to tune out. My cell phone has caller id, and I much prefer that. Alas, when I am on-call I must know if my phone is ringing, and answer it, so the ringer is back on.

I don’t have much to write about. We are in a holding pattern. Waiting for this cycle to be over and for the next to start. I am mentally preparing to start back up with the IUIs. I thought I was done with them. It’s not that they are bad, or painful, because they really are not. But they are a disruption in my life, sometimes it’s hard to leave work for them, and let’s face it, most women do not enjoy laying flat with a speculum in them while a medical professional pokes through the cervix with a catheter. Am I wrong?

The next IUI will likely be in three weeks. I hope I only have to do one in an effort to conserve on sperm. We’ve only got three vials left, and nary the cash to procure more. If the next cycle does not work I am thinking about pursuing Clomid. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. And I think it may be time to start talking about it with my midwife. I am sick of trying, and charting, and waiting, and testing, and not being pregnant. This way I’d have the potential of two Clomid cycles with the sperm we’ve got.

That’s all for now.