My cousin and her partner visited this weekend. Over dinner on Friday night, we started talking about psychics and their experiences with them. I had never seen one, but thought it may be fun to do, and specifically to ask about my fertility. In short, will I ever get pregnant? Saturday morning we found a psychic and all four of us went. Now, when my cousin did it before, the psychic sat in a chair and tuned into her, and that’s what we thought we were getting. So we were a little disappointed to learn, she was only going to read our Tarot cards. Nevertheless, my reading gave me some hope/insight. Here’s what she said:

  • Things came full circle at the end of 2006 – and they kind of did. We are in talks with our third potential known donor, after using frozen sperm on and off. And I am mentally shifting how I approach thinking about the journey.
  • Trust and listen to my body more than I do the tests, and charts – and with this cycle I have already begun to do this in a way I have not in the last 2 1/2 years. I feel empowered now that I am putting myself back in control. I know what it feels like when I am ovulating, and I am beginning to trust that more than I do all the external indicators.
  • Listen to my instinct. My instinct told me I needed to start dealing with the stress in a different way, thus the above mention changes, or else I would continue down the very sad and stressed road I’ve been on for far too long.
  • Be more clear with myself about why I am doing this? She said I don’t really know. I’m not sure about this one, but whatever.
  • Accept others’ offerings, can’t do it alone. Perhaps meaning I need to make efforts to keep A. as involved as possible.
  • Keep a journal – I asked if she meant journal just for me or a journal others can see, she said just for me…but I am a bigger fan of this interactive journal.
  • Be in contact with my spirituality and have faith – this is the hardest one, I am not a religious person and I really don’t practice any spirituality. Regular exercise is probably the closest I’ve been to spiritual (as in, nourishing my body, which nourishes my soul…I know, it’s a stretch). But I have not been great at working out consistently for several months, and really want to get back into my routine.

Overall she said didn’t feel I was infertile and said she thought it would happen sometime this spring. We’ll see. At the very least, it was an entertaining way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Anyone else ever been to a psychic? What did you think?