I’ve been really busy at work and home, so I have not had time to post, and I am really tired…need to go to bed now.

I will post soon about my take on the unique challenges of two uteri homes, per Charlotte’s request.

I am nearing ovulation, and I know this primarily because I have a walnut sized bump near my left ovary. And secondarily because I used my monitor this morning for the second time this month and got a peak (temped for the first time). Judging from the pressure near my ovary, I imagine it will burst in the next 12 – 14 hours. Who needs obsessive charting when you can just LISTEN to your body?! I may not even renew my FF membership that’s up in 4 days. Whoa I am going crazy with this not charting thing!

KD texted me tonight to tell me he has his appointment for his tests next week. I am working on getting the contract ready to send to him (deleting old KD’s info and inputting his).

Okay, I am off to bed now. More interesting posts later…