Ramblings about our New Years Eve:

The night was a lot of fun, maybe because I had low expectations, and didn’t really even want to celebrate, maybe because there was no build up, so there couldn’t really be a let down.

Four friends came over for dinner. A. made a really good miso, brussels sprouts, noodle dinner. I was a little nervous to serve brussels sprouts, because they are the most under appreciated veggie, but it went over well.

After dinner we went to a larger party- hosted by a friend’s friend. I knew the crowd would be younger, and I am often nervous that I’ll run into students at parties. We were the first ones to arrive, but not too long after there were a bunch of people there. I started chatting with a guy, only to find out he’s a student at the college I work at. Not long after one of the host’s sister came up to me (we went to high school together) and asked how old I was, and what month I was born in? I thought she wanted to know my sign or something. No. She then informed me that I was the oldest person at the party and that there was a 19 year old in the kitchen! It was time for us to leave.

The original dinner group gathered and we headed into down town Noho. (I missed the fireworks earlier in the evening, and I am so bummed because it was the only plan I had for the night and I heard they were really good.) We got to the center of town at 11:42. The streets were all blocked off and there were tons of people. For the first time that evening, I started feeling really excited and festive. We grabbed a quick, and I mean QUICK drink, and ran out side just in time to hear: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….and the ball had risen (yes, here in Northampton the ball goes UP not down). Music played, cannons shot (yeah…I’m not to sure about this one either) and I was really happy. After doing the whole first kiss thing, I turned to my left, and saw Dar Williams standing next to me with her husband and small son, they were pointing up at the ball and he was so excited. It was really funny to see her out doing regular people things. She played a show at the Calvin earlier that night. Almost as quickly as I spotted her, they scurried into the Hotel.

Rain started to fall just minutes after midnight, and we journeyed home. We celebrated with a glass of champagne and called it a night around 2.

I have hope for 2007. I. Really. Have. Hope. It’s going to be a good year.