A. and I returned home today after five nights at my parents house. We had a lovely holiday and spent lots of quality time with family and friends. Our nephew continues to amaze me, and just gets cuter every time I see him. We kept him home from day care yesterday and got to play with him all day. We did miss the quite of our own home and
sleeping late!

Christmas was fun. It began when my brother, SIL, and nephew arrived at my parents house at 7:30am! We slowly opened presents (I got the iPod I wanted!!!!, thank you A.), then had a big breakfast. After that there was much running around before my father’s entire family arrived at 3. The day went fast, but was really a lot of fun.

I’m sure there are stories to post, but I am so tired and really not in the mood to recount them. A. and I are on vacation until the 2nd. I am hoping to apply to several jobs and we are going car shopping. We need to buy a new car – I am very excited and also quite nervous about adding another payment to the mix. After doing a lot of research I think we are exclusively looking at the Mazda 5 (although I am dying to test drive a Honda Element). We need a bigger car (we currently share one car, a Subaru Impreza wagon). While we do love our little Subaru, it is not practical for all the traveling we do. We’re always packed in, and we don’t want another all wheel drive vehicle. They are not good on gas and the maintenance is a pain in the butt! The Mazda 5 is a family car, and maybe some day we’ll have a family to put in it, but in the mean time it will give us the extra room we need (plus our two cats) for our many long distance travels. We’ve found ourselves in the market to buy a second car because A. is going to grad school next semester and it will be nearly impossible for us to negotiate sharing a car– although it’s been really great being a one car family for the last two and a half years!

In other, and more important news, we are also starting to think about pursuing foster care. I am still going to try to get pregnant and am becoming more open to some fertility assistance, but in the mean time I think I really want us to become foster parents. I went on line tonight to try to learn about the process, but it there really wasn’t a whole lot of information

So that’s our last five days in a nutshell…

Oh, and a BIG HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Jen and Gretch! Finally, one of my TWW buddies are pregnant!