I too am jumping on the band wagon. I forget who started this one…but the idea is you post the first sentence of your first post each month for the last year. Here’s mine:

January- It’s a new year.
February- We’re just about half way through the TWW.
March- I was up all night last night.
April- Well, I finally landed on Day 1 last Thursday.
May- I’ve joined in the interview game.
June- I have been a terrible blogger for the last few months, and this will surely continue as we roll into summer…
July- A. and I moved over the weekend.
August- Apparently when we are not TTC I have nothing to write about.
September- Well this was the one we were going to start again with.
October- We’ve been planning for a long time.
November- Just about a week from now I hope to have my first and second IUI.
December- As the semester close approaches, I feel as though I’ve been run over by a Mack truck, over and over and over.