but who’s counting?

It occurred to me that I have not follow up on any job search related stuff in a while, and what better time than the tww to write about it (read: continue to distract myself).

Some of you may have guessed I work in residential life at a college. This is my third year in this position and it is a high burnt out type of job. Some time around October I stared to feel like my shelf life had come to an end. Back in June I made a plan to use the next academic year to ease into a new job. For a long time I’ve been thinking about going into Career Counseling at the college level. I have the education I need, but I don’t have the experience…grrrrrrrr.

When things got really bad this fall, I was again motivated to start laying the ground work. I joined a career development professional organization and started talking to my boss out my plans. She was supportive. I met with the director of the career center at the college I work at to talk about things I should be doing to position myself for the transition. She gave me lots of great advice – since that meeting I’ve enrolled in a workshop to learn to administer an interest inventory tool. She told me I really need to seek an internship so I can gain career counseling experience, but did not know if her office had the resources to offer me such an internship. She did tell me about some local colleges that have internship programs and who to contact. Now my job already requires 45+ hours per week, so the thought of taking release time to do an internship at another college was not very feasible. She called me a week later and told me she presented the idea to her staff and they were in support of taking me as an intern since they knew me. !!!!!! I was so excited.

I met with my boss this week and asked her for the release time – she approved it and I’ll start my internship in January! I am so excited and feel so lucky that they decided to take me and that I can have such an honest discussion about what I need with my boss. She is sad that I am thinking of moving on, but does support me and is being super cool to let me do this. I do need to figure out how to manage my already overbook schedule plus the internship – hey, I survived grad school, so I can survive this!

The other exciting bit of news is that I dropped off my application for a career counselor position today! Fingers, toes, arms, and legs crossed that it works out!