As A. and I were driving to the hospital to have my 2nd IUI of this cycle, I told her, I think I am addicted to this the feeling – the first two to three days after inseminating are the most hopeful time of my cycle, when I think this must be just a fraction of what it’s like to have a healthy pregnancy. It’s too soon to doubt that it worked and hope abounds. She thinks she’s addicted to it too.

When I woke yesterday, my temp had gone down and I could still feel ovulation pain, so I knew I had not yet ovulated but that it would happen in the next 12 hours. We paged the midwife on-call (supposed to by mine, but turned out not to be). She was having a busy day with women in labor so we met her at the hospital, instead of the office. It was our first time to the birthing center at the hospital our midwifery practice delivers at and it was really cool to see it. The midwife we had was great, loved her, she was a good mix of the two we had the day before. The procedure was quick but a little uncomfortable. She worked hard to get the boys as far into my uterus as possible. There really aren’t any funny stories to tell, but I told enough the other day. Oh, one thing, after it was all done the MW said “so I am not going to write this up and bill you because I am sure your insurance does not cover it.” We were blown away, and thanked her profusely. How cool is that? I am sure we’ll pay for the one the day before, so this was really a huge help!

We left and did the usual Saturday running around. We are having friends over to make crafts today and had met two of them at a craft store to purchase our supplies (about 2 hours post IUI), I am pretty sure I can pin point the moment I became aware that my egg had burst from it’s little holding place towards millions of frisky little swimmers. The timing of the second IUI could not have been better, and was still well in the range that the boys from the day before could still be swimming too)!

My ovulation pain ended and my temperature spiked this morning. Mission accomplished. I’ve been psyching myself up to be calm and not go crazy this tww. So far, so good. I have lots of reasons for why this is the one, but I am not going to go there (at least not in print). Right now I am relieved that all the work leading up to ovulation was successful, that I ovulated, and the inseminations were perfectly timed. From here on out, there is nothing I can do but wait. It’s funny to think that by now the boys probably would have tangoed with my egg or not, and yet I won’t know for another 12 days, at least. Isn’t the body and amazing thing?

We’re on our way out to our favorite breakfast spot in a little while, and I am keeping the hope alive for as long as I can this cycle.