and it felt so middle school! When I saw that I was tagged, I was so excited, like I was special and had done something to deserve it. I don’t think I’ve ever been tagged in blog land before so thank you b.

Six Weird Things About Moi:

1. Up until six months ago I’d never had a dental hygienist clean my teeth. I’d always gone to old school dentists who did all the dirty work. I had one from age 2 till college and then he died. After that my family started seeing a “retired” dentist, but then he retired for real. I was sick of driving three or more hours (to where I grew up) to have my teeth cleaned so I finally broke down and found myself a local dentist, where I have a hygienist clean my teeth. And she’s awesome!

2. Post college, almost all the close friends I’ve made and kept in touch with are male. Not sure what it’s about, and for a gal who has so many cool men in her life, I am severely lacking a KD!

3. I was born on my due date! Wicked (that’s Massachusetts for cool)!

4. I talk to my cats a lot, and treat them like humans. They are quite possibly the most loved, and well treated cats ever – even though one of them insists on scratching at our new Pottery Barn rug….urgh!

5. I live on a college campus (and I am not a student).

6. I can not get a phrase correct to save my life. A. has a quote book of all my miss sayings – for example I’ll say “he needs to hold his foot down.” instead of “he needs to put his foot down.” I never ever get them right. She and now my mom make fun of me for it.

Now I tag: Co and my wife.