We’re getting closer to IUI #2. I am starting to have O pain and think I had a +OPK tonight (I never get totally positive OPKs). Hopefully the monitor will peak tomorrow and then I’ll go in for the IUI tomorrow and then maybe again on Saturday. We’ve ordered up the sperm and A. is going to pick it up tomorrow morning. If I get a peak tomorrow I think my midwife will be able to the insemination, if I don’t peak until Saturday, I’ll get the MW on-call (not mine) and while I am grateful they provide the on-call service for off hour inseminations, I really wish it were my MW doing it. I need to accept this- if I get pregnant there is no guarantee my MW will be available for the birth and I am sure the MWs in her practice are all fine.

I am in a peculiar situation in that I do not know how I will sneak away for the IUI if I need to tomorrow. My two office mates and I are planning to spend the day cooking and baking in my home for a work dinner we are hosting tomorrow night. I’ll think of something, not sure I am ready to tell them I am trying to get pregnant. My supervisor and one co-worker know, but I really don’t want everyone knowing and gossip runs wild with in my department (and beyond).

A really good friend and former co-worker is coming to visit this weekend. He knows were trying and ironically enough, was in town this time last month. I can’t wait to spend time with him and play. He is like no other friend I’ve ever had. He always makes me happy and challenges my creativity. I am so looking forward to hanging out with him and it will be a great distraction from the TWW (provided I’ve entered it).

The waiting continues………(or is it just beginning?)

p.s. I don’t know why the pictures in the previous post are not showing up anymore…they did for several days.