Later this week I will go in for my second IUI. So far, my cycles are unmedicated. I feel optimistic about this cycle and about TTC in general. This is a huge change even from several months ago.

I am not sure what to attribute my optimism to, but I am running with it. I don’t feel bad for myself that we are still trying, and I’m not struggling wiht feeling like I carry the ttc burden in our house, as I have in the past. I am at peace with what I need to do, the thought of another IUI is annoying, but just another thing I have to do.

I’ve said before that if it becomes too emotional again, I will stop. We’ll either take another break or A. will start trying. That is all still very much a possibility, she’s charting and by January should be able to step into the game, but for now, I am prepping myself for the long haul. It’s like a thesis I have to write, and each month I work really really hard, and one day it will be done.

Any way, I am hoping to stay sane in the tww this time around. Last cycle was just crazy, I think because it was the first time since January that we tried, so the feelings were all so new again. I may keep a low profile this time, or just blog about non tww topics.

We’ll see.