I slept till 10:30 this morning and stayed in bed another 30 minutes cuddling with the cats- who for the last two nights have both spent the entire night nestled into my body – usually they are at the foot. I had a headache and did not feel well when I got up, but started the coffee and laundry. As the coffee was brewing, I started my job search stuff. I got up to pour my coffee: get mug out of cupboard, pour in sugar, get spoon, pour coffee, poor milk…Oh SHIT that’s CHICKEN BROTH!! Yes, I mistook the soymilk container for the chicken broth container and dosed my coffee with chicken juice!!!!! It was so gross and the worst part was that I had used the last of the coffee beans and we had no more milk! Sadness.

Why would Stop & Shop make these two labels look so much alike?


Chicken Broth: