My last post was the result of a long bitch session on Thanksgiving night once everyone had left. A’s family makes her crazy and she was in rare form. There were some really great points to the day and I did gain a new appreciation for any one who hosts a holiday. I think we were just so tired and, probably did too much, and then thought certain family members would miraculously change. Oh well. It’s over, we did have some fun, and next year we are doing our own thing. I also got A to agree to stay in a hotel when we go to visit her family the weekend prior to Christmas. We’ve talked about getting one for a long time, but always cop out and sleep on the air mattress at her parents, but as we get older, we don’t really enjoy the air mattress (who am I kidding, we never enjoyed it) and we need our space. We’ll be there three weeks from now. Honestly, why are these two holidays so close together?

After resting yesterday morning we got in the car and drove three hours to attend my high school reunion. I was not planning to attend because I was not going home for Thanksgiving, but then a group of us all started emailing and before I knew it, they made it sound like it could be fun. A and I met up with three other couples for drinks before hand. As we sipped our drinks, we flipped through our senior yearbook reminisced, gossiped, and familiarized ourselves with the names and faces of the folks we were about to see after ten years.

We caravanned to the event sight and all parked together. As we approached the door someone asked if anyone had a cigarette. Much to my surprise, no one did (one of the better changes in the last ten years). And with out discussing it, myself and the three other women I graduated with turned to my car, leaving our spouses (who did not attend our high school) at the door. Once in the car we were surprised that we all abandoned our spouses at the door and there was talk of not going back, but that was never really an option.

We returned to find them in the hotel bar. They had started to go to the reunion, but then realized it would be really weird to walk in and not know anyone. Finally we entered the event. But even before we went in, we had our first interaction. Now I graduated in a class of 240 students. Three men approached us. They asked if we knew who they were and we only knew one of them. Then they us, and they did not know us. The not knowing was the surprising theme for me. I can’t believe how many people I did not recognize, partners in attendance further complicated this, someone thought they knew A. I had several people call me by name, and I sheepishly had to fess up that I did not know who they were- I’d say there were less than 10 people, that I was not friends with, who I could not place just by seeing them.

It was fun for about two hours and then it got boring, the d.j. finished at 10 (WTF?), and the bar closed shortly after. A and I opted out of the after party – we were really tired and I’d had enough. I’m glad I went, and I wish more people had gone (I think there were about 100 people there).

The rest of our time was spent playing with our cute nephew. He gets more adorable each time we see him. When he saw us pull in the drive way last night he stood in the door jumping up and down in excitement. He was super helpful while we were getting ready last night (riiiiight) and we got to see him play with his friend today. We were leaving a holiday event where his mom was volunteering. He did not want to leave her and had a break down when we did. When we got outside his little friend was arriving. She is 6 months older. He saw her, she saw him, and she came right up to him kissed him and took his hand. He was ALL smiles! They proceeded to walk around holding hands for the next half hour! Every so often she’d pick up his hand and kiss it. They were too adorable.

We decided to drive back today to avoid the traffic tomorrow. I am glad to be home, to sleep in my own bed, and to have a whole day here before going back to work on Monday.