I think the TWW makes me certifiable.

Why is it that I can only think about being pregnant? I am on blogs and fertility friend all the freaking time. I got paged and was working till 3am this morning, when I was done tying up admin details (sending emails to people that need the info from what I’d dealt with) I quickly jumped on a few blogs…it was 3am, I should have been in bed. I didn’t do it for long, but still!

I’ve convinced myself that I am pregnant, even though there is no proof yet. My sore breasts, and rising temp, give me license to do so. I think I always do this. At the very end of the TWW, I look for anything that points to preggo, and I cling to it, because it won’t be too long before there is not no more wondering, no more possibility…will it happen this month? I took a test (-) this morning at 3. If I am getting my period, I should get it by Wednesday. If I don’t, I am taking another test on Turkey Day. I am not sure how I’m planning on hosting, for the first time, and abstaining from wine! I want to know, either way, by Thanksgiving. And I am aware, that I may not, in which case, I guess I’ll be downing the apple cider and seltzer (not together).

The TWW really makes me exhausted.