It was just another day.

I woke at 6:30am and dreaded getting up for work, only to realize it was Saturday, and I could sleep in! And that I did, I fell back to a comma sleep until 9ish.

When I woke, I was immediately thankful that I did not get paged last night, only to find out minutes later, I was needed but the office that sends out the page screwed up again and did not know who was on call. On the bright side, this saved me from getting woken up at 4am!

At the same time I was learning this, the realtor called. The condo owner had a counter offer. It did not seem like something we could work with. We came to realize there is no reason to rush into homeownership. We have to be where we are until June at least, and if I get pregnant, I will likely stay in my job due to maternity benefits and then jump ship at the end of the 08 academic year. I called our realtor back and told here there’s no counter offer, we’re out. She was shocked. We felt really great once we decided to back off and just save money for now. This real-estate thing is whacked! I mean why do both parties need a go between. Why can’t we just sit down and talk it out?

Then we went grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner. Stop & Shop was far less crowded than I thought it would be and we got through there fairly easily. Whole Foods on the other hand was a whole different story. That place is always crazy, and the Saturday before turkey day is only worse! We got out as soon as we could, and were exhausted by the time we were done.

I wanted to start prepping as much as I could, but when I looked at what we’re making all I could do was make bread for the stuffing- it needs to be stale when I make the stuffing. I made a loaf of garlic and herb bread. I really hope our guests like garlic, because just about every dish has garlic in it – we have at least 9 bulbs of garlic for this meal. Is that a problem? It’s too early to prep anything else. I think I will peel, cut and cook the sugar pumpkins on Tuesday so that the pie filling is ready to go. Everything else will have to be done on Wednesday and Thursday.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading blogs today. We’re having a quiet night. Tomorrow more house hold stuff…cleaning, hemming…I sound like a fucking 1950s housewife!

Meanwhile, I am 8 dpo today. No real change in what’s going on in my body, other than my breasts becoming very itchy. A. thinks this cycle is a bust, and I think I do too. But I am holding on to some hope. My temperature did go up today