Today marks five days past ovulation, with an 11 day luteal phase, I am about half way to knowing if I am knocked up or if it’s on to another cycle.

I have no PMS signs, nor any pregnancy signs. When I am approaching a period, it’s natural for me to start having dull cramps and sore breasts from this point on. I go back and fourth about how I feel about this cycle. The first three days I was sure this was the one. Yesterday I was convinced it did not work, and today I am back to cautious optimism. I can’t, I won’t let myself get too excited. I always safeguard by telling myself it did not work, and then one day when it does, well that will be an amazing day!

Time goes so slooooooow when waiting for the two week wait to pass. We’re lucky this time that we’ve been busy trying to buy a condo and planning our Thanksgiving feast. What will we do if there is a next time?
But seriously we did sit down last night to plan our Thanksgiving dinner. We’re having both of our parents, A.’s siblings, our international host student (from Nepal), my best friend, and a co-worker – eleven at last count….and I’m sure we’ll take any other stragglers we come in contact with between now and next Thursday! This is the first time we’ve ever hosted a holiday dinner and that makes it a little scary, but at the same time everyone should understand that this is our first time, so it’s okay if we mess up, right? Hey worst (best) case scenario, we serve up a positive hpt and go out to dinner! But seriously, here’s what we’ve planned:
Turkey, with gravy, cranberry sauce, and suasgae herbed stuffing
Amy’s butternut squash surprise (aka – I have no idea what she’s making)
Marinated asparagus
Bread with roasted garlic bulbs and garlic butter
Garlic herbed mashed potatoes
Boiled onions (this is for my crazy mother)
Maple Nut Hubbard squash
Pumpkin pie and Apple Cobbler

We’re making everything from scratch and mostly using vegetables from our farm share (except the turkey, that is coming precooked from our local farm stand- turkeys are too gross for either A. or I to touch, let alone cook). We may have taken on too much, but hey it’s worth a try. I don’t usually cook – as in never, I bake, and I believe in doing it all from scratch, so that has spilled over into our menu. I am not sure how to manage cooking all these things, simultaneously and getting them on the table for 3pm. But again, as a beginner, they should be patient with me. And if I am not prego, there will be a good deal of wine involved, which will make it soooo much easier!

It should be fun, well at least entertaining. And the next day I have to get in the car and drive three hours to my high school reunion…that is a whole other post for another day.

What are you doing for thanksgiving?