The much anticipated IUI consumes my thoughts. I am on CD 12, which means I have at least 4 days till ovulation. But I can’t help worry that I’ll ovulate early. Silly, I know. I’ve been getting high readings on my fertility monitor for the last three days but my opk was negative tonight. So far things look good. I really just hope my monitor does not fail me and that we are able to time the IUIs well. I have an appointment with my mid wife on Friday and if things are not going well at that time I am going to ask her about doing ultrasounds leading up to ovulation. I’ve only done that once in the past, but think it may help put my mind at ease. Over all I am trying not to stress myself out and doing my best to stay positive.

Thanks to to all of you that commented about your / your partner’s IUI experiences. It helps to hear what others have thought about the procedure and did calm my worries a bit. My journey to become pregnant is becoming more medicalized than I ever thought it would be. Mostly I am okay with it. I am not ready to consider fertility meds of any kind- this is something I feel really strong about- for me. But I also set out thinking there was no reason I would need assitance with insemination, and here I am starting with midwife assisted IUIs. I wanted this process to be as natural as possible, but at some point I need to accept that what I am doing is not natural, albeit perfectly ok, just a little more complicated. I need to give it more patience that I have been.

Please send fertile thoughts my way and pray that I ovulate.