A. and I moved over the weekend. We only moved across campus, but it was moving none the less. We started with boxes on Saturday with the help of our good friend Hilary. Then three co-workers helped to move our furniture on Sunday. We are in love with our new place and have so much room! Living on a college campus can be a mixed bag and we’ve had a pretty bad apartment for the last two years, but now we’ve been rewarded with the best housing on campus. Some highlights include: a back deck to drink coffee on in the morning, our own washer and drier, 1 1/2 bathrooms (and a tub), walk in closets, four bedrooms, a functional kitchen with a gas stove, and so much more! The cats are pretty happy too. There is still a lot of work to do; two more rooms to unpack and a good deal of painting. I’d hoped to paint before I leave for the Cape on Saturday, but I am starting to think I’ll only get one room done before then. We decided to take the day off today because we’ve been working so hard and really need a break. If the weather holds out there will be fire works in our future! 🙂

Here are the cats inspecting the boxes in our old place. They knew something was up and were pretty nervous…

but as you can see they settled right into their new home!

Here are picture of our kitchen and living / dining rooms.