Our trip to Maine was fun-filled with many visits with lots of old friends. After spending time with A.’s family we traveled north to Orono where we stayed with our good friend J. We got to spend lots of quality time with our favorite dog Jake (pictured with me). A. and I would get a dog in a heart beat if we could be assured it would be as wonderful as Jake. We even got to steal away with him one day and played doggie moms. Since we last saw him, he got a brother, Nyak, that’s the back of his head in this picture. For some reason this is the only picture we took in Orono. I guess we were having too much fun!

After leaving Orono we continued east to Southwest Harbor. We only got one Kayak trip in while on the island. Here’s A. just before we put the boats in. We ventured out onto Echo lake. It looked like a great day for it, but shortly after getting into our boats the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in. We felt like we’d been dumped into the Atlantic Ocean, white caps and all. I was literally only paddling on the left side just to keep the boat going forward. It didn’t help that I tipped my boat – for the first time ever getting in and was soaking wet!

There are too many picture from the wedding weekend to share but here are just a few… To the left is me and my best friend, Abby, sharing fresh from the dock lobsters two nights before her wedding.

These are mine, Abby, and Hilary’s pretty toes after our relaxing pedicures.

This one is of Abby and I later on after the wedding, and several hours into the open bar…………….

And this is Hilary and I. Abby, Hilary, & I grew up together and have been best friends for a really long time!