A. and I returned last night from our favorite romantic getaway spot where we celebrated my birthday on Saturday. We’d planned to go camping with friends for my birthday, but the weather was not cooperating — and am I glad because instead we booked our room two days before going and then enjoyed our spur of the moment trip. It did rain on my birthday but I was ready for it and just embraced it. My day started with mimosas at breakfast. That morning we attended a Lupine Festival and bought some really cool art. Lupines are amazingly beautiful pink and purple wild flowers that grow in fields and on the sides of highways. I first saw them when I moved to Maine some six years ago. They are in full bloom by my birthday and there is something about them that just makes me happy. We had no idea this festival was going on when we booked our get away, but it all came together perfectly.

After playing in the rain at the festival we grabbed a coffee to go and then sat in front of the fire (yes it was that chilly). Later on we watched Trans America, which I really enjoyed. And then went out for dinner and martinis at a really nice restaurant in the next town over. We came home to a concert that night. It was a small gathering of women and the musician was really great. It was a wonderful day, and even with out all these events, just being there is soothing and relaxing -I melt upon arrival. The next day we ventured out into the hot tub in the rain. I think I enjoyed the hot tub better in the rain. It is so cool to have your body submerged in the hot water while the cool rain wets your face. There were so many more amazing moments. A. and I joked that we were vacationing at our White Mountains home, because it truly feels like home and we want for nothing while there.

Today is our second wedding anniversary! Someone asked this weekend why we didn’t space my birthday and our wedding out more. I forgot at the time, but then I remembered it was the only weekend that both our families were available all summer that year. So we went for June 12. And it was an amazing year. My birthday was fun, but also filled with last minute wedding details. Then we had our rehearsal the evening of the 9th. What we didn’t know was that we ‘d show up to the rehearsal dinner only to find out it was a surprise wedding shower! The party was welcomed and really led us into celebration mode. We partied most of the night with friends and family from near and far.

Two years ago today I woke A. at 5am because I was so excited that we were getting married! I could not fall back to sleep, but I think she did. I got up and was buzzing around. I had to pick up the flowers, and was terribly disappointed with my head piece, which I could not wear. Eventually us women went to the spa to have our hair and nails done. I am so glad we planned that. I needed to not be in the house doing last minutes stuff. I was so nervous and really needed tranquility. We really misjudged how much time we needed to get ready and by the time we left the spa we were in a huge hurry to get home, get dressed and get to the church. In the end it all worked out. We had a beautiful ceremony. The night continued on with a reception at a friend’s restaurant and then an after party at my parent’s house. I remember sitting by the outside fire with my Mom some time after mid night, smoking cigarettes and still wearing my dress – although I had my Dad’s coat over me. I loved my dress and did not want to take it off ever. I still have it and dream of wearing it again.

Two years later, A. and I have only grown closer as our relationship continues mature. I can’t wait to see it us on our 50th anniversary! Love you, Honey!