Huh…I should have been pregnant by now.

We started this process six months ago. At the time my midwife told me that given my age and health it should take me three to six months to get pregnant. And I fully intended to be pregnant by now. I was even making accommodations for a matron of honor dress I’ll be wearing in June – because I was sure I’d be pregnant. But I am not.

Two rounds of frozen and one round of fresh and three cycles off, I am soooooooooooo not pregnant. In all fairness my midwife meant I would need to try each month for the three to six month prediction to be accurate. We went at it for the first two cycles with no success. Then took a cycle off while we worked things out with our KD. Looking back I realize that was the first cycle I stopped ovualting, but did not pick up on it for a while. Then did one round with the KD (again did not ovulate). Shortly there after things fell apart with him and ovulation continued to cease. I do believe I will ovulate this month, and can only hope that I will continue to do so….and thus be able to start back up with frozen sperm in July or August.

My patience are running thin and I am ready to begin again, but I also need to be sure my body is ready and in a place that will have a chance of conception. I never really believed that stress could impact my cycle to the extent that it did, but now I know better. We are looking at three spermbanks. If you have any info about them, please let me know. They are: New England Cryo (which we used and I did not like), California Cryo, and the Sperm Bank of CA. These are the only ones that we’ve found that will do identity release upon age 18.

I have mixed emotions about using a sperm bank again. But it seems to be our only option, as I am not willing to go down the KD route again.