I feel so out of the blog loop. I read over all my linked blogs tonight and many of you have lots of stuff going on. But I can’t believe I didn’t know that BB&Sarah are pregnant!!!!! Congratulations and you two give me hope. I think it was their fourth round with fresh sperm.

Work continues to be busy so I haven’t been able to read blogs lately. And when I get home I am so beat from the day that I just veg out – or go to bed cause I’ve been getting home so late.

Not much has changed in our world. A. and I talked about our lawyer’s concerns and decided to go ahead any way. Then we got another email from KD that was upsetting. He wanted to up the visitation. He called later that night and I told him absolutely not. This will be our child and we are beginning to wonder if he is going to be able to deal with that reality. He backed off and we had a good conversation. He finally got a lawyer and she is looking over the contract and proposed changes. We have yet to get back to our lawyer and just today he emailed to see if we’d get our lawyer to be in touch with his so they can hammer out all the legal jargon together. We wanted to have this all set by now – we anticipated insemination beginning again in two weeks. But my cycle seems to be a little longer this month and my temps still don’t reflect ovulation (for the second month in a row). So who knows what will happen?

My anxiety is not as bad as it was last weekend. Work continues to pile up all over me – I don’t think my office has ever been so messy—my desk is a mess, both couches are covered in materials I am gathering to take to a conference next week, and worst of all my calendar is booked solid. I am working a bunch if nights. But Next Friday I will get on a plane and fly away from it all. I am going to a work conference and will spend two very gruling days in the placement center conducting interviews for openings in my department. But once that is over I will get to enjoy the conference, attend a great drag show, and other dance parties, and reconnect with grad school folks. I will be gone till Wednesday. Even though it’s work, I will be away from my office and away from the stress.

I miss posting and reading blogs daily. I hope life settles down soon.

Oh and I am soooooooooooo excited about tomorrow’s photo Friday. I love my little fur balls. I can’t wait to see all of yours (furry or not)!!!