Every cycle that bites the dust comes with mixed emotions. On the one hand, we’ve only inseminated for three cycles so we’re not at the point of worrying about a fertility problem. And on the other hand, there’s the hang over from two weeks of complete hopefulness after insemination that this could have been the one! Yesterday I was saying to A. that I am not sure why I don’t feel more sad when my period comes. I think this is because we’ve only tried for three cycles and in my mind I’ve told myself I’m good until the sixth one does not work, and then I may start to worry. But even then, I know it can take healthy, fertile women more than six months to conceive. In an effort to console myself after the last failed cycle I’ve thought of all the things I like about the first two weeks:

  • I can drink wine or any other alcoholic beverage I desire
  • I let myself drink black tea on the first two or three days of my cycle
  • I can push my limits at the gym- and get my heart rate really going
  • I don’t have to take my temperature for the first week
  • I get to look forward to a trip to the Cape for the insem – which means we see my family (including our nephew)
  • The TWW insanity is over (at least temporarily)

What does your list look like?