I am seven days past ovulation. Will this ever get any easier? At the start of each cycle I think this will be the cycle that I won’t obsess over everything going on in my body and I won’t let the TWW make me insane.

To bad it never happens. Instead I spend waaaaaaaaaaay too much time online- blogging and looking at my chart on Fertility Friend. This month I’ve added looking for deals on a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor. If I’m not knocked up this time, we’re investing in one. I hope no one looks at my internet use here at work, cause clearly I am not being very productive…

I had a huge temp dip this morning from 97.9 down to 96.8. Of course I want to believe this is an implant dip, but with my messed up temps all month, I’d be naive to put too much hope in it. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

How do you pass the TWW? What’s the soonest you’d POAS?